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Arri 2K 7" Fresnel

$ 250.00

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  • WARRANTY: 90 days
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Arri's 2K Location Fresnel boasts a low weight, compact size while still putting out 2000 watts of power at 120VAC. When fitted with a 2000 watt bulb this fixture will provide a 4.6' (1.4 m) diameter beam of 470 fc from a distance of 19.8' (6 m) at full spot. At full flood (same distance) it will provide a fc beam 22.8' (6.9 m) in diameter. Arri's cross cooling system reduces lamp housing temperature by 25% and lens temperature by 17%. With special air channels built into the aluminum extrusion, a constant stream of air passes around the Fresnel lens and into the lamphead regardless of the tilt angle.

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  • Stirrup mounting slides and can be adjusted to counterbalance all accessories
  • Soft contour makes it comfortable to carry
  • The stainless steel friction disc locks the lamphead securely even with the largest Chimera or other accessories
  • Meets IP23 standard -- suitable for indoor use or outdoor use providing a degree of protection against falling rain (up to a 60 deg angle from vertical)
  • CE declaration and independently assessed TUV certification
  • Rating: 2000 watts, 120-240VAC
  • Focusing: Front & rear mounted knobs
  • 16lbs.
  • 18.5" x 8.4" x 10.25"

Additional Details

Ships From: United States
Manufacturer: ARRI Group
Condition: Fair
Model: 551203
Item #: 3032 (4Wall/UsedLighting.com Owned)
Tags: Arri fresnel, 2k fresnel, Used lighting
  • (1) ARRI 2K 7" Fresnel
  • (1) Color Frame
  • (1) Stage Pin Connector (attached)

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Ships from: United States

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Home » UsedLighting.com » TV & Film » Item #3032

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