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Fill out the form below. Describe your equipment as accurately as possible and provide detailed photos of that gear. We will then review your submission and determine if it's something we'd like to buy outright.
Appraise & Sell Your Gear
Our certified appraisers will estimate the value of your gear and, in many cases, make you an offer to purchase it.
Ship Your Gear to Us
Ship Your Gear to Us If we purchase your gear, you will arrange shipping to a designated 4Wall location at which we'll inspect and verify your equipment. Once everything has been reviewed and verified, payment will be sent to you.

Brands We Are Actively Looking For

Arri Ayrton Barco Brompton Technology Chain Master Chauvet Chroma Q Clay Paky Disguise ETC Elation Epson GLP High End Lycian MA lighting Martin Motion Labs Robe Roe Creative Display
Items we will not purchase: Scrollers, Non-functioning items (for parts), Lamps, Accessories (Clamps, Color Frames, etc)

What Happens When We Want To Purchase

  • We will contact you to confirm the equipment is still available and determine the shipping cost. You must be able to ship the equipment to a designated 4Wall location. We are responsible for all shipping costs.
  • We will request that you fill out a W-9 form, which can be found here. This ensures that you are in full federal tax compliance.
  • We will have you ship the equipment and have you email proof of shipment to us.
  • After we receive the equipment, we will inspect and verify your equipment. Once everything has been reviewed and verified, payment in the form of Check or ACH Transfer will be sent to you in approximately 4 business days.

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