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Enter the price you would like to receive, and we'll mark it up based on our 'pricing levels' below (10-20%). The more you sell with us, the lower the markup on your gear. If you need help pricing your item, there is an option for our certified appraiser to evaluate and appraise your gear.

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Once you list an item, we’ll add product features and activate it on our website. When someone inquires about your item, we’ll contact you for a shipping quote and confirm the order.

Pricing Levels *

  • Standard
    A member sells less than $20K in a calendar year
    - 20% markup

  • Premium
    A member sells between $20K - $50K in a calendar year
    - 15% markup

  • Platinum
    A member sells over $50K in a calendar year
    - 10% markup
    - Items will be featured on our email blasts**
* Totals are calculated quarterly for the previous 12 months. Once you hit a new level, your items will automatically be recalculated with the lower discount.
** Some exceptions to this may apply as determined by
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