Yamaha Q2031A Dual Channel Equalizer

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The Q2031A offers a full 6 or 12dB cut or boost at any of 31 points, which are centered at ISO (International Standards Organization) 1/3 octave frequencies from 20hz to 20kHz. Each channel features 31 separate active filters. Each filter has a positive detent in the center "flat response" position.

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  • Each channel features a range switch so that the boost and cut range of the filters can be reduced from the normal +/-12dB to +/-6dB.
  • Each channel features balanced, low-impedance XLR type connector inputs and outputs, as well as unbalanced high-impedance 1/4" phone jack connectors. Should input transformer isolation be desired, two octal sockets are provided on the back panel for insertion of 15 k to 15 k ohm bridging type transformers. Both channels have slider level controls. The EQ IN/Out switches have green LED indicators that let you know when the EQ is On.
  • High Pass Filters are provided on both equalizer channels. They provide 12dB per octave rolloff below the desired frequency adjustable from 20Hz to 200Hz. A green LED indicates that the high pass filter is in use.
  • Independent peak indicators (red LEDs) are provided for each channel. The automatic muting circuit remains muted for approximately 3 to 5 seconds after the power is switched On, preventing transients from damaging amplifiers and speaker systems.

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Ships From: United States
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Model: Q2031A
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Tags: Clearance, Pro audio, Graphic equalizer
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