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Adapters Female 2P&G to Male L6-20, L5-20 and Edison


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  • WARRANTY: 180 days
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  • CONDITION: Very Good


Choose from the following adapters:

Female 2P&G to Male L6-20
Female 2P&G to Male L5-20
Female 2P&G to Male Edison

High quality, economical adapters designed for use in high temperature equipment for entertainment industry applications.

Why buy from Our owned inventory is made up of rental equipment from our parent company, 4Wall Entertainment. As a national leader in event rentals, 4Wall gear is constantly maintained by certified technicians. With nationwide locations, you can rest assured your purchase from is backed by unparallelled warranties and exceptional customer service.


  • Fixture adapters designed to take the heat!
  • Female Stagepin (2P&G) to Male L6-20
  • Female Stagepin (2P&G) to Male L5-20
  • Female Stagepin (2P&G) to Male Edison

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Various
Condition: Very Good
Item #: 13336 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Male l6 20, Female stagepin, Adapter, 12 3
  • (1) Adapter Female 2P&G to Male L6-20, L5-20 or Edison

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