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Leprecon VX-2400 24-Channel Dimmer

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This Leprecon VX-2400 24-Channel Dimmer is in good working condition. It has a Bare-End tail for power.

This item has been listed by a member of our worldwide community. Buying a brokered item like this is the perfect way to purchase hard to find equipment at a great price. All brokered item sales include a 72 hour quality inspection window. Once the item arrives, just let us know if you are unsatisfied- your purchase is guaranteed by UsedLighting.com!


  • Load Capability: 12 Channel, 2.4KW Per Channel, 28.8KW Total
  • Modular Dimming & Control Electronics: Dimmer and control electronics can be serviced from the front panel, without removing the dimmer from the rack or enclosure.
  • DMX Control Input: Digital control electronics using a patented circuit allows simultaneous DMX-512 and analog control input, with a highest-takes-precedence logic. Parallel input and output for DMX 512 allows daisy-chaining racks together in one system. DMX start address switches allow the dimmers to be assigned to start receiving data at any of the 512 addresses.
  • Analog Control Input: Two 8 pin Jones type male plugs are provided for 0-10 DC analog control. Control cable and pin connections are compatible with other Leprecon dimmers.
  • Channel Breakers: The circuit breakers used in the VX and MX dimmers are fast response magnetic breakers. The quality of the breaker contributes to the reliable operation of the dimmer pack, even when shorted lamps or cables are plugged into the dimmer. The front panel toggle also allows the breaker to be used as a switch for the dimmer channel.
  • Fan Cooling: Two fans are used in the VX and MX dimmers to keep the electronics at a safe operating temperature. The fans are controlled by a thermostat to keep fan noise to a minimum. When the pack is lightly loaded, the fans turn at a slower rate, and are accelerated to full speed when the temperature inside the pack increases.
  • Programmable non-dim operation: Any of the channels on the pack can be set for non-dim operation. The information, once set, is stored in the pack memory and is retained permanently

Additional Details

Ships From: Woburn, MA, USA
Manufacturer: Leprecon
Condition: Good
Model: vx2400
Item #: 51626 (Brokered)
Tags: Dimmers, Leprecon
Specs Includes
  • (1) VX-2400 24-Channel Dimmer

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Ships from: Woburn, MA, USA


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