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Kino Flo 8' Mega Single System


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The Mega Single ballast draws only 1.1A/120VAC (0.6A/230VAC), 50% less amps than the previous model. The Mega Single systems can be seen most often as built-in set design lights for feature film, commercial production and music videos. 

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  • 1-Lamp remote fixture w/ built-in barndoors
  • Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
  • Mounts to a stand, light enough to screw to a wall
  • Removable center mount
  • Fixture or Lamp w/ harness runs up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballast
  • High output, flicker-free ballast
  • Low amperage draw at 1.1A/120VAC
  • Instant-on, dead quiet
  • HO/Std switching
  • UL listed, CE approved

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Kino Flo
Condition: Very Good
Item #: 34983 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Tv & film, Kino flo
Specs Includes
  • (1) 8' Mega Single
  • (1) Harness
  • (1) Reflector
  • (1) Ballast
  • (2) 4' Single Louver
  • (1) 25' Head Cable
  • (1) Mount w/ Junior Pin (28MM)

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