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Strand QuartzColor Bambino 1kW Fresnel 5"


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  • WARRANTY: 30 days
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Powerful compact Fresnel designed for location work and confined studio situations.

Buying a brokered item like this is the perfect way to purchase hard to find equipment at a great price. This item has been inspected by a certified technician inside one of our locations and includes a full 30-Day Warranty!


  • Improved light quality and output, producing a flatter and more even field
  • High quality, rugged, durable
  • Corrossion resistant for longer life
  • Compatibility of parts throughout the range
  • A comprehensive range of accessories, interchangeable with existing Quartzcolor products
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Bonding eyes and rigging hooks
  • Back focusing
  • Worm drive mechanism for precise focusing
  • Easy running barndoors ears

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Strand
Condition: Good
Item #: 34377 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Fresnels, Conventional fixtures
  • (1) QuartzColor Bambino 1kW Fresnel 5"
  • (1) Power Cable with in-line switch
  • (1) Barndoor

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