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LSC maXim - L72 faders, 1024 Channels


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maXim - L 72 faders, 1024 DMX channel console. Only (1) left!

The maXim series of consoles has been designed to satisfy the more demanding operator. There are six models in the maXim product range, starting with the 24 fader maXim S and continuing through to the 120 fader maXim XXL.

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  • DMX Channels: 1024
  • Fader Channels Normal Mode: 36
  • Fader Channel Wide Mode: 72
  • Pages: 9
  • Playbacks: 42
  • Scenes: 378
  • Chases: 378
  • Steps/chase: 250
  • Stacks: 378
  • Steps/stack: 250
  • Chase speed: 0-999 bpm
  • Page Freeze: Yes
  • Softpatch: Yes fully proportional
  • "In" fade times: 0 seconds to 16+ minutes
  • "Out" fade times: 0 seconds to 16+ minutes
  • Isolated DMX: Standard
  • Grab Master: No
  • Sub Masters: 6
  • Sound to Light: 2 sources can trigger chases or scenes
  • Desk Light Outlets: 2
  • SVGA Video
  • Standard
  • USB ports (Memory Stick/Trackball): 2
  • PaTPad Module: Standard
  • MIDI: Optional
  • "In field" Software upgrade: Yes
  • Universal power supply 85-260VAC 50/60 Hz: Yes
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Height (mm/in) 165/6.6, Width (mm/in) 797/31.4, Depth (mm/in) 515/20.3
  • Shipping Dimensions: Height (mm/in) 250/9.9, Width (mm/in) 860/33.8, Depth (mm/in) 660/26.0
  • Product Weight
  • (kg/lbs): 18.0/39.6
  • Six models available; 24 fader MAX/S to 120 fader MAX/XXL.
  • Optional PaTPad moving light controller.
  • Single preset and two preset fader operation.
  • Fully proportional softpatch out to 512 (1024) output channels.
  • 25x7 dot matrix LED display shows scrolled messages for effective reporting.
  • Electronic labelling function for naming Scene, Chase, Stack and steps of Stacks.
  • Stack playback master and effects buttons for full control of sequences.
  • Up to 500 steps of a Stack can be recorded with true dipless crossfade.
  • Each step of a Stack can be recorded as a Scene, Chase, Channel or a Snapshot of the output.
  • Steps of a Stack can be linked automatically.
  • Individual In (Up) and Out (Down) fade times, programmable for every Scene and step of a Stack.
  • Up to 250 steps of a Chase can be recorded as Channels, Scenes or a Snapshot of the output.
  • Scenes and Chases can be run concurrently on lower bank of preset faders.
  • Nine pages of non-volatile memory for Submasters on MAX/L, MAX/XL and MAX/XXL models.
  • Multi-page SGVA colour video output displaying desk status, memories, patches, and help menus.
  • Edit facilities include fade and speed times, channel levels, add/remove of steps/patch allocations.
  • Power brown-out protection.
  • USB Flash Disk storage for show back-up. Optional on MAX/S and MAX/M models.
  • Software upgradeable via USB Flash Disk.
  • CE and Ctick approved.

Additional Details

Manufacturer: LSC
Condition: Brand New
Model: MAX/L
Item #: 29062 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Lcs, Lighting, Console,
Specs Includes
  • (1) maXim - L72 faders, 1024 DMX channel console
  • (1) Power Cable

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