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Doug Fleenor 100W Wireless Power Supply


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The LED100 eliminates the need to set the DMX address of the lighting fixture (ColorBlast or Spectra PAR) by re-patching the incoming DMX. All fixtures can be left at the default address of '001'. The desired DMX address is then set at the LED100. The fixture plugged into output 1 responds to the three DMX channels starting with the selected address. The fixture plugged into output 2 responds to the next three DMX channels. For users who prefer to set the DMX address at the fixture, patching may be disabled (by setting the LED100 address to 000). Setting the LED100 address to 600 through 899 selects various stand-alone modes (solid colors, color fades, strobe effects, etc.).

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  • W-DMX wireless control
  • Absorptive-glass-mat sealed lead acid batteries
  • Built in charger
  • Battery voltmeter

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Doug Fleenor Design
Condition: Good
Model: LED100
Item #: 28397 (Brokered)
Tags: Leds, Deals, Led power/data supply
Specs Includes
  • (1) 100W Wireless Power Supply
  • (1) Power Cord

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