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Leprecon 24x20A 120V Power Distro


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  • WARRANTY: 60 days
  • SOLD BY: Item Owned by
  • CONDITION: Very Good


These Leprecon 24x20A 120V Edison/Soco Distro Racks are sturdy and compact.  They are enclosed with a heavy duty ATA style enclosure with sturdy casters.

Why buy from Our owned inventory is made up of rental equipment from our parent company, 4Wall Entertainment. As a national leader in event rentals, 4Wall gear is constantly maintained by certified technicians. With nationwide locations, you can rest assured your purchase from is backed by unparallelled warranties and exceptional customer service.


  • voltmeter / ampmeter panels
  • versatile power distribution and dimming "combination" racks
  • (1) 19pin female multi connectors
  • (24) Edison connectors

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Leprecon
Condition: Very Good
Model: LEP 90-08-0880
Item #: 24940 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Distros, Edison
  • (1) 24x20A Power Distro

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