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ETC Source Four MultiPar 12-Cell


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Includes: Lens set (WFL,MFL,NSP & VNSP) and 12 color frames.

Units do not include flippers.

ETC's Source Four MultiPAR fixtures revolutionize that old theatrical workhorse: the striplight. MultiPARs are a new breed. Lamped with the HPL and featuring the space-saving advantages of Source Four PAR design, MultiPAR's patented HPL lamp offers amazing energy efficiency, giving out more illumination than a 1000-watt par lamp with more than 40% less energy use. The minimalist elegance of the ETC Source Four PAR design is maintained throughout the MultiPAR fixtures, allowing easy lamp replacement and a beautiful factory focus, from the first moment you use them. Plus, seize on traditional ETC energy savings using the 575 watt HPL -- or lamp your MultiPAR at 750 watts for a truly powerful performance! You already show your performers in the best light possible. Now give your sets, stages and backdrops the same high-quality illumination.

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  • 1000-watt performance from 575 watts
  • Even, beautiful light quality
  • Bright-light: rated up to 750 watts
  • Four standard beam spreads: NSP, VNSP, MF, WF
  • Simple 3- to 4-circuit change
  • Time-tested ETC Source Four PAR optics
  • The HPL just one lamp to stock -- as always!

Additional Details

Manufacturer: ETC
Condition: Good
Model: 7061A1034
Item #: 1465 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Etc, Source four, Multipar, Striplight
  • (1) ETC Source Four MultiPar (12 Lamp)
  • (12) Color Frames
  • (12) Lens Set (WFL, MFL, NSP, VNSP)

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