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Staco Energy 2kW Variable Autotransformer


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A variable transformer is designed to provide variable output voltage that can be adjusted from 0 to 117% of the unit's input voltage. It consists of a copper winding on a toroidal core of laminated, grain-oriented, silicon steel. A carbon brush, connected to an output terminal, is rotated over the length of a precision-ground, precious metal-plated, commutator track to tap off voltage at any turn from zero volts to the maximum output voltage of the winding. The cased plug-in model variable transformer features a ventilated steel case, input line cord and plug, fused NEMA rated output receptacle, and an illuminated on/off switch. It is connected for output voltage increase with a clockwise rotation, and the dials are graduated from 0-100% of the voltage setting.

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Manufacturer: Other
Condition: Very Good
Model: 3PN1520B
Item #: 14382 (4Wall/ Owned)
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