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  • Ayrton MagicRing-R9
  • Ayrton MagicRing-R9
  • Ayrton MagicRing-R9
  • Ayrton MagicRing-R9

Ayrton MagicRing-R9


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These Ayrton MagicRing-R9 LED moving lights show signs of minor cosmetic wear but are in good working condition.

MAGICRING R9 is the most powerful and extravagant luminaire in the RADICAL range. With an overall flux of 26,000 lumen and a centre beam intensity of more than 2,730,000 candela, it is reserved for extreme and unique uses and the creation of special effects.

MAGICRING R9 is also the most RADICAL in terms of its dimensions. Sixty-one 15 Watt RGBW LED sources are arranged in four rings with the gap between the optics reduced to a minimum. The power, beam concentration, point-by-point control over each luminous source and the layout of the LED rings provide numerous new graphic options including multi-colour volumetric modelling of the beam. Just like its little brother MAGICRING R1, MAGICRING R9 offers double continuous rotation on the pan/ tilt axes, controlled by powerful three-phase stepper motors – features it shares with MAGICBLADE R, MAGICPANEL R and others in the RADICAL range.

MAGICRING R9 offers several control modes depending on the user’s choice and programming constraints. The reduced mode limits the number of control channels to 18 whilst providing access to a library of preprogrammed effects; the extended 256-channel mode enables the user to access all the functionalities with individual control over each light source. MAGICRING R9 benefits from extensive line connectivity and can be controlled by DMX-RDM, Art-Net  or through the LumenRadio DMX-RDM wireless connection.

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  • Beam aperture: 4,5°
  • 85% optic efficiency
  • High-efficiency 67 mm PMMA optics
  • 61 multi-chip 15 Watt LED sources
  • Light output: up to 26,000 lumen
  • Luminous intensity: 2,730,000 cd
  • Rated sources life: up to 50,000 hours
  • Flicker free sources management, suitable for TV applications and all video recorded events
  • Continuous pan and tilt rotation
  • Extremely accurate positioning
  • Moving-head operated via either 8 or 16 bit resolution
  • High-resolution stepper motors operated via microprocessors ensure extreme accuracy and smooth movements.
  • Pan and tilt automatic repositioning
  • Sophisticated 4 colours RGBW mixed, reaching high Colour Rendering Index
  • Uniform light beam with no colour shadows, and rich saturated and pastel colour-hues
  • 4.29 billion colours (8 bit resolution)
  • Virtual colour wheel, including most usuals white colour temperature presets
  • Dynamic colour macro effect with variable speed
  • Electronic dimmer, allowing perfect light adjustment from 0 to 100% without colour variation
  • White or colour strobe effect, with speed adjustment from 1 to 25 flashes per second
  • Local DMX addressing of the luminaire and its optional parameters through its built-in LCD panel control
  • Remote DMX addressing of the luminaire and its optional parameters through a standard RDM DMX controller
  • Built-in pattern effects with speed and fade controls for scenic applications
  • Information menu including hour counter, temperature, software version
  • Graphic LCD display for addressing and special functions settings, with flip function
  • 6 menu buttons to set the functions
  • Over temperature protection
  • Integrated LumenRadio’s wireless CRMX RDM receiver
  • XLR 5 pin male and female connectors for DMX connection
  • Ethercon RJ45 IN / OUT connectors for ArtNet & sACN connection
  • PowerCON TRUE1 male and female connectors for power connection

Additional Details

Ships From: Wellington, OH, USA
Manufacturer: Ayrton
Condition: Good
Model: 015950
Item #: 56928 (Brokered)
Tags: Moving lights, Leds, Ayrton, Led moving lights, Led wash
Specs Includes
  • (1) MagicRing-R9

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Ships from: Wellington, OH, USA


Home » UsedLighting.com » LEDs » LED Wash » Item #56928
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