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Altman Spectra Cyc 100 Watt LED Cyclorama Wash

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The Spectra Cyc is a 100 Watt cyclorama/wall wash luminaire utilizing high output Luxeon Rebel LED emitters. Designed for theatrical and architectural applications, the Spectra Cyc blends color via a patented LED lens and refector combination which reduces pixelization from direct view. The on-board power supply allows for direct power & data input which can be daisy chained through up to 20 units. Designed for use on 6’-8’ centers, individual units can be linked side by side for greater saturation of light. The Spectra Cyc is compatible with both DMX and RDM protocols, and comes with a library of preprogrammed single colors and various color mixes. Units can be utilized for both foor and Sky-Cyc applications.

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  • RGBA
  • Convection Cooled
  • Asymmetrical reflector for broad, even light distribution
  • On-board multi-voltage power supply 100-240VAC
  • Feed through power and data capabilities using powerCON and 5-pin XLR connectors
  • Compatible with DMX and RDM protocols
  • Push button addressing
  • Pre-programmed modes for fixed colors, timed color changes and strobes
  • 11 lbs
  • ETL & cETL listed
  • Made in the USA

Additional Details

Ships From: United States
Manufacturer: Altman
Condition: Fair
Model: SSCYC100-
Item #: 51223 (Brokered)
Tags: Leds, Led wash
Specs Includes
  • (1) Spectra Cyc 100 Watt LED Wash

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Ships from: United States

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