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NEW Club Cannon Handheld CO2 Cannon MKII

$ 299.99

  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Mfr.
  • SOLD BY: NewLighting.com
  • SHIPS FROM: United States
  • CONDITION: Brand New


The Club Cannon Handheld MKII is a portable, manually operated Co2 Cannon that requires no power. This unit will produce 20-30ft plumes of ice cold fog.

The manual operation makes it suitable for use by DJ’s, night clubs, DJ booths, sporting events, football entrances, half time shows, theatre productions, weddings, special events and more.

The aluminum body & barrel components are fabricated with extreme precision, and will not corrode like traditional steel parts. The combination of powder coating & hard coat anodizing are durable, and can withstand harsh environments. The integrated silencer, reduces output noise by up to 30dB, making it significantly quieter than other CO2 products on the market. The custom ventilation design will prevent the product from creating any dry ice particles. The Handheld MKII comes standard with an integrated stability handle, improving control and maneuverability, while adding a sleek look.

This product includes an 8FT high pressure CO2 hose, which is equipped with a swivel fitting to ensure no tangling of the hose. The quick connect fitting allows you to detach the hose when not in use. These hoses are built specifically to handle the high pressure and low temperature of liquid CO2.

PLEASE NOTE: A Siphon CO2 Tank is required to operate properly. The Club Cannon can be used with any Siphon CO2 Tank (Sometime referred to as a Siphon Tube or Dip Tank). The Club Cannon will not operate properly with a standard CO2 tank, so you must be sure you are using a Siphon Tank.

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  • Hand Operated
  • 20-35FT Output (Depending on Humidity)
  • Ventilated Barrel (Clean Output, No Dry Ice)
  • Quick Connect CO2 Input
  • Adjustable Output Angle
  • No Power Required
  • Integrated Silencer for Quieter Operation
  • Made in the USA

Additional Details

Ships From: United States
Manufacturer: Club Cannon
Condition: Brand New
Model: Handheld CO2 Cannon MKII
Item #: 47784 (4Wall/UsedLighting.com Owned)
Tags: Effects/efx, Efx miscellaneous, Foggers / hazers / snow
Specs Includes
  • (1) Handheld MKII
  • (1) 8ft quick connect CO2 hose
  • (1) CO2 tank attachment tool
  • (5) CO2 washers

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Ships from: United States



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