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Stagemaker SR1 1/4 Ton Hoist (Pkg of 4)

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Boasting an entirely new ergonomic design, STAGEMAKER SR is fitted with double lifting brake, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads. STAGEMAKER SR fits in well with all types of installation offering best-in-class safety and productivity.

This is a package of 4. A 4-Way Road Case is included.

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  • 1/4 Ton
  • 16 FPM
  • 80' Chain Lift
  • L14-20 Control Cable
  • 7-Pin Power/Control
  • 3-Phase with low voltage control
  • Rubber buffers located on hoist corners provide added protection for the hoist
  • New ergonomic concept for the retractable, rubber clad handgrips, allow for easy transportation of the hoist
  • Lifting hook has an ergonomic, rubber clad, gripping surface
  • Hoist body is powder coated with black, protective 70┬Ám paint, allowing it it to perform under the most extreme conditions
  • Hoist meets ecology regulations and is RoHS compliant
  • New "Perfect Push," patented concept, 5 pocket load wheel, fitted with 5 intermediate teeth. This innovation provides innovative load wheel helps distribute the load over more of the chain, dramatically reducing chain wear, and also helps to provide a smooth and quite flow of the chain through the hoist.
  • Chainflux design, rear ejection chain guide system, provides a horizontal flow of the chain from the load wheel. This design, along with the high strength aluminum construction, allows for a more fluid flow of the chain into the chain bag and helps reduce the risk of chain jamming.
  • Motor design provides consistent speeds when both fully loaded or unloaded
  • Electrical components designed for "plug and play" connectivity

Additional Details

Ships From: United States
Manufacturer: STAGEMAKER
Condition: Good
Model: SR1
Item #: 33888 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Rigging, Packages, Hoists
Specs Includes
  • (4) 1/4 Ton Hoist
  • (4) 80' Chain Lift
  • (4) Chain Bag
  • (1) Quad Road Case

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Ships from: United States



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Home » » Rigging » Item #33888

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