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Mole Richardson 1000W Molequartz Baby-Softlite

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Provides soft, diffused virtually shadowless light with smooth field. Can be mounted on Television or Motion Picture camera as filllight. Used for soft fill in Still, Commercial and Motion Picture Photography and Television Studios. Designed so that all the light comes indirect and unobstructed from diffuse surfaces through a relatively large aperture. 

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  • HEAD: Type 2581, 1,000 watts.
  • RATING: 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 6.3 amps max. -800 watts max.
  • SOCKETS: Compressible single contract. (Two per globe).
  • SWITCH: Thru-cord type in cable.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Solid and perforated sheet steel.
  • YOKE: Cast aluminum. Fits any standard 5/8" dia. stand spud or 5/8" hanger spud.
  • REFLECTING SURFACES: Globe trough: Molebrite specular aluminum. Reflecting hood: Special diffusing coating.
  • SIZE: 8" x 8" aperture.
  • FINISH: Maroon Powder Coat Enamel.
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 7 lbs. (w/cable)

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Mole-Richardson
Condition: Very Good
Model: Type 2581
Item #: 33283 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Recently reduced, Tv & film, Tungsten
Specs Includes
  • (1) 1000W Molequartz Baby-Softlite
  • (1) Egg Crate

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