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NEW Aladdin Bi-Flex 2 Kit, V-Mount


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  • CONDITION: Brand New


The new BI-FLEX2 Kit builds off of the original BI-FLEX1 but twice the power and length, the dimmer has an integrated battery plate and features DMX controls. As with every other Aladdin product, the BI-FLEX2 is exceptionally well-built, splash-proof, and features bi-color LED light with superior light output and quality. The color output is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and every point in between. is proud to be an authorized dealer for the top manufacturers of theatrical lighting and event equipment.  We carry factory sealed items that are shipped direct to your doorstep and include all applicable manufacturer warranties.


  • Splash-Proof
  • Bi-Color 3000K-6000K
  • Light Source: Super high CRI Power LEDs (50W) CRI / TLCI CRI97 / TLCI97
  • Beam Angle: 140 deg
  • Dimming: 5%-100%
  • Cooling: passive cooling
  • Dimension: 560 x 300 x 5mm
  • Kit Weight: 1800g
  • Dimmer Input: 12V to 30V

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Aladdin
Condition: Brand New
Item #: 31180 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Leds, Film/broadcast, Led panels
  • (1) Bi-Flex2 24"x12" LED
  • (1) AC Power Supply
  • (1) Dimmer Unit w/ VLock Battery Plate and DMX
  • (1) X-Bend Holder
  • (1) Ball Head Stand Mount
  • (1) Extension Cable (16 ft.)
  • (1) Diffuser
  • (1) Kit2 Case

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