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DMX Data Lynx Backup Device


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The DMX Data Lynx is currently the only backup device designed for multiple output moving light consoles; for example, the Whole Hog II, Expression 3 and many others.  The optically isolated DDL-1 was designed as a central DMX router, tester, disaster recovery unit and can instantly switch between two lighting consoles with up to four DMX universes per console. In addition, the DDL-1 can test intelligent lights, cables, diagnose and display DMX data and backup scenes from any console to play back in the event of a DMX failure.

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  • Acts as a safety backup to the main console
  • Records or creates up to 10 back-up looks from the main console in seconds. 2048 channels each
  • Automatically or manually accesses any or all of the back-up in the event of a DMX failure.
  • Instantly switches between any two DMX consoles with up to four outputs each, with no cable swapping
  • Buffers DMX data for extended cable runs
  • Performs all standard DMX test routines
  • Displays DMX data as decimal, percentage or hex values
  • Transparently reads and diagnoses DMX data packets; even during a show
  • Tests cables through the entire system, including through opto-splitters
  • Tests multiple moving fixtures at any starting address in any DMX universe using editable fixture libraries
  • The DDL has nearly 200 moving fixtures in the PC Downloader fixture libraries
  • Incorporates opto-isolation on input and output groups to prevent ground loops and static problems
  • 7 button keypad interface
  • Front panel power and console select switches
  • Backlit 16x2 character LCD
  • Easy to see front panel LEDs display the user configuration and data status at a glance
  • Switch selectable 115V/60HZ or 230V/50HZ operation
  • User configurations and data memory are retained for over 5 years by an internal lithium battery

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Manufacturer: TMB
Condition: Very Good
Model: DMX Data Lynx
Item #: 14276 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Dmx data lynx backup device
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