Nov 9, 2015
At LDI 2015, Philips Strand Lighting announced they will be introducing new lighting and control products to the entertainment lighting industry. Of the many launches one of the main highlights was th...
Nov 4, 2015
WFX (Worship Facilities Conference and Expo) encourages churches of all sizes and backgrounds to think innovatively about how they can allow their staff, buildings and technology to reach more people ...
Nov 3, 2015
Save up to 35% on slightly used LED Pars, Moving Lights, LED Panels and more from Omez Lighting! All of Omez products come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty!
Oct 27, 2015
We've put together a video and photo gallery featuring some of our favorite booths and products from the show!
Oct 14, 2015
The best of Martin Professionals #LensView campaign from around the world!
Sep 8, 2015
The GaffGun uses a funneling system to easily straighten and center your cables as it lays tape over them. For those of you who've had to do this manually, I'm sure you can imagine the amount of time...
Sep 1, 2015
Identify the stage lighting item in the picture to have a chance to win a StageJunk Ultimate Ratcheting Focus Tool + other prizes!
Aug 18, 2015
It may look like a clever video trick designed to go viral, but the Maniac from CITC is a real fixture!
Jul 23, 2015
Find out how top designers are using Vari-Lite's latest offering on their shows, and what they think of its features and capabilities!
Jul 8, 2015
UPDATE:   Koko Lee, John Berret and Adam Bronson are the winners!  Thanks for participating.  We will do another contest in August.   ----------------------------------...
Jun 30, 2015
The industry giant has introduced an affordable alternative to their Series 2 Lustr LED. If you're looking for a quality LED Leko that can fit within your budget, you may have found your match.
Jun 9, 2015
Win great prizes and see our hot show specials at this month's InfoComm event in Orlando
May 1, 2015
Chauvet stopped by to demo their new LED MotionOrb decor light. It's made up of 55 individual color-changing and strobing LED orbs in strings that can be hung like a curtain, drawn to one side, or dra...
Apr 24, 2015
Identify the fixture in the video to have a chance to win a backpack and other prizes!
Apr 21, 2015
The Science Channel takes a behind the scenes, in depth look at the creation of one of the industrys hottest new fixtures.
Apr 1, 2015
Check out some chicanery from around the industry and vote for your favorite industry related April Fools Day joke!
Mar 31, 2015
Noted LD Clifton Taylor gives his thoughts on LED ellipsoidal technology and its place in dance productions!
Mar 25, 2015
Students across the nation will have a chance to compete for a $20,000 scholarship, a Hog 4 or Road Hog 4 Console, and more during High Ends show programming competition.
Mar 16, 2015
Those wanting an MA Lighting software experience at a more affordable price point have finally found their console line!
Mar 13, 2015
Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz perform at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show. 12 impression X4 Bar 20's (bottom right) and 16 impression X4 XL's (bottom left) were used. From the manufacturer...
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