Martin Rush MH 7 Hybrid

Jun 2, 2016

Martin just released a new moving light to their Rush line.  The Rush MH 7 Hybrid is a beam, spot & wash rolled into one fixture.

From Martin: 

The Martin RUSH MH 7 Hybrid is an all-in-one beam, spot and wash moving head with class-leading optics and a zoom system that allows designers maximum flexibility from the high-energy dance floor to performing arts spaces.


250 W Philips Platinum 11R Lamp
2.2 – 24° zoom in Beam Mode
2.5 – 24° zoom in Spot Mode
15 – 45° zoom in Wash Mode
8 rotating/indexing gobos
12 static gobos
10 colors plus CTO, CTB, UV
4-facet linear prism
8-facet circular prism
Motorized focus
3- and 5-pin XLR DMX connection
PowerCon IN and THRU

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