Ice Bucket Challenge - CJ Westcott

Aug 11, 2014

CJ Westcott, Account Executive at 4Wall New York, took part in the recent craze sweeping the nation, the Ice Bucket Challenge! Conceived by members of the ALS Association in Massachusetts, the challenge encourages participants to dump a bucket of ice cold water over their heads, or donate to an ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) charity of their choice. (Like many who have accepted the challenge, CJ chose to both participate and donate.) All those who take the challenge must share the video to raise awareness for ALS, and also ’call out’ a few friends to accept the challenge as well. CJ called out’s own Matt Filmeck, as well as Elation Professional’s John Dunn and Rosco’s J.C. Moore. Let’s hope all three step up to the plate and continue to spread the challenge around the lighting industry!

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