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Apr 27, 2015
Chroma-Q released an LED par that features a fully homogenized beam which eliminates the "Skittle Effect" seen on many LED pars.  It has an extremely uniform wash, 20 degree beam, and RGBA color ...
May 5, 2015
CJ Westcott from 4Wall New York gives us an up close look at the Martin MAC Quantum Wash!  You can Request a Rental Quote for those here:
May 6, 2015
As part of his training series on basic fixture maintenance, Darin Cohen, Electronics Technician from our parent company 4Wall Los Angeles, shows us how to change a lamp on a VL3500 Spot. &n...
Apr 1, 2015
Burnt gel. Crab. Baby powder. Fear.  The new ScentFourAromaEngine from ETC has it all. Well done ETC, well done.  Happy April 1st Everyone!
Mar 24, 2015
Notice that while the good folks at Vari-Lite called this a preview, we deemed it necessary to downgrade that title to "teaser".  There's not a lot of real info here on the company's newest movin...
Mar 9, 2015
VP of Automated Lighting for ACT Lighting, George Masek, gave a quick run-down on the features of the new Clay Paky Mythos while on the showfloor at Plasa Focus in Orlando last month.  You can...
Mar 5, 2015
Straight from the source itself, Martin brings us this helpful video explaining step by step procedures for making a Pan & Tilt adjustment in the new MAC Quantum Series of fixtures! The steps in th...
Mar 5, 2015
Brad Schiller discusses how to use timing channels in Vari-Lite moving lights in this latest a
Feb 18, 2015
If you missed the first video in this series, check it out here: In this second installment, Jim Hutchison of Chauvet Professional and continues his discussion...
Feb 16, 2015
Whether you get your news from CNN, Fox, the Daily Show, or just ESPN, we can all agree that our options for news programming are sometimes lacking.  The folks at Light Tonight are setting out to...
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