IP-65 Rated Moving Light

By Luke Lytle on Oct 13, 2014

SGM stopped by to demo their G-Spot water-proof IP-65 rated, LED moving light!  The G-Spot is a first of it's kind water-proof fixture that is completely sealed to protect the fixture from water, dust, sand, and fog.  Of course we had to test that claim by dumping water directly into the fan... well, you can see more of that in the video.  Along with the fixture being sealed, it also comes standard with a Neutrik True 1 waterproof cable/connector.

The LED fixture outputs 17,000 lumens with a 2,000K - 10,000K color temperature.  It also features electronic dimming, 1-100% pulse Iris, high-speed strobe effect and 540 to 270 deg pan/tilt.  It also has a built in LumenRadio with RDM for wireless DMX.  You can see full specs for the fixture as well as pricing here.

Let me tell you, when it came time to dump water in the fixture, it wasn't hard to find a volunteer!

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