High End Systems Shapeshifter

By Luke Lytle on Jun 18, 2014

High End Systems stopped by to demo their newest fixture the Shapeshifter!  Since we don't have a demo room and it was in the middle of the day, we had the demonstration in the back of a 52' trailer, which a turned out very nicely. 

Let's start off with some stats.  The fixture weighs in at a whopping 59.3 lbs and measures at 15.3" x 12.6" x 20.5".  It has 126 total RGB Cree LEDs arrayed in 7 independently controllable zones.  This fixture is super bright at 24,000 lumens drawing 100-240VAC at 50-60Hz.  You can see the full specs on High End Systems website here.

Like you've seen in the various videos out there, the Shapeshifter can create effects never seen before.  The ability to pixel map each zone is definitely a huge selling point, but the unique ability to move each LED "Zone" is incredible.  One of the disappointing things about the Shapeshifter is the "Skittles" look.  For example to get a green wash like the first picture below, the LEDs show different colors rather than all of them being green.  Another worry that our technicians brought up was that with all the moving parts it could get very difficult to maintain and repair the fixtures. 

With a price tag of about $9,000 per fixture what types of applications can you see the Shapeshifter being used in?

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