Elation Sniper 2R - Multi-Effect and Laser Simulator

By Luke Lytle on Sep 17, 2014

A week ago we posted a preview of the Sniper before it's big debut with a teaser video of the fixture here.  We now have full details and a video of the Sniper in action!

From Elation: 

Built around recent advancements in lamp, electronics, optics and motor technology, the Sniper is powered by the new 132W Philips™ MSD Platinum lamp (6,000 hour lifetime rating), delivering an intensity of 45,010 lux @ 16.4’ (5m). Designers have 14 dichroic colors and 17 static gobos (including beam reduction gobos) at their disposal to create a variety of dynamic effects which can be delivered at lightning speed thanks to the ultra-fast mirror system. The high-precision beam and effects can be multiplied via a 3-facet rotating prism and further manipulated using a variable speed shutter, mechanical dimmer and strobe. The Sniper provides all that power and effect while consuming a maximum of only 205W.

The Sniper is naturally DMX controllable offering 14, 16 and 18 channel DMX modes (18 channel is 16 bit) and includes multiple built-in pattern macros via DMX that make programming even quicker and easier. A 4-button touch control panel and LCD display provide for easy hands-on addressing with easy-to-read fixture menus and messages. Ruggedly built and compact at 14.2" x 12.0" x 11.6" (361mm x 305mm x 295mm) and weighing 21 lbs (9.5 kg), the Sniper will fit comfortably in any rig or installation.

Professional grade Neutrik 5-pin DMX in/out and Powercon in/out connections are included and multiple units can easily be linked together for customizable setups. An auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies allowing the fixture to operate anywhere in the world.

Once we get a ship date and price from Elation, we will post it on NewLighting.com.

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