2023 NAB Show Recap

By Jay Agamao
one year ago
 2023 NAB Show Recap

Joining us in the Lighting Lounge today is Jay Agamao, Brand Manager at 4Wall Entertainment. As a newcomer to the NAB Show, Jay brings a fresh perspective on the latest trends and technologies in the industry. He will be sharing his experiences from the 2023 NAB Show, highlighting the new products that caught his attention.

The NAB Show is the premier event for broadcasting and electronic media professionals, showcasing the latest technology and trends. The 2023 NAB Show did not disappoint, featuring a wide range of innovative and exciting products that left attendees buzzing with excitement. We will be taking a closer look at some of the top items that stood out at the 2023 NAB Show.

1. Kino Flo: Mimik
This portable LED light panel mimics the color and intensity of natural sunlight, making it an ideal tool for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. Its ultra-thin and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up in various locations. Its intuitive user interface allows users to easily adjust the color temperature and intensity of the light to achieve the perfect shot. With the Mimik, users can capture stunning images and videos with natural-looking lighting, regardless of the shooting location.

2. Brompton: TrueLight
The Brompton TrueLight is a revolutionary LED panel that produces unparalleled color accuracy and consistency. TrueLight features advanced calibration technology that allows it to display colors with extreme precision, making it an ideal tool for color-critical applications such as film and TV production. The panel can achieve a color gamut 50% wider than standard LED panels, producing vibrant and lifelike colors. TrueLight offers excellent brightness and uniformity, ensuring consistent lighting across the entire panel. With the Brompton TrueLight, professionals can trust that their colors will appear exactly as intended, resulting in stunning visuals that truly capture the essence of the scene.

3. Exalux: ExaTile Pixel
The Exalux ExaTile Pixel is a modular LED panel system designed for a variety of applications, from large-scale installations to small-scale projects. The ExaTile Pixel features a snap-together design allowing users to easily create custom configurations and designs. The system can be controlled via DMX, allowing for precise control of individual panels and the overall display. The ExaTile Pixel also features an advanced mapping system that will enable it to be used for video content playback, creating stunning visual effects that can be synchronized with music or other audio sources. With its flexible design and powerful capabilities, the Exalux ExaTile Pixel is a must-have tool for creating engaging and dynamic visual displays.

4. Kinoflo: Freestyle 4
The Kinoflo Freestyle 4 is a portable LED light kit designed for use in a variety of settings, from on-location shoots to studio setups. The Freestyle 4 kit includes a light fixture, ballast, and mounting hardware, making it easy to set up and adjust. The light fixture features a high-quality LED panel that renders excellent color and produces soft, even lighting. The ballast can be mounted on the fixture or used remotely, giving users greater flexibility in their setup. Additionally, the Freestyle 4 includes a range of accessories, such as diffusers and grids, allowing users to create custom lighting effects. With its powerful output, color accuracy, and ease of use, the Kinoflo Freestyle 4 is an ideal tool for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers alike.

The 2023 NAB Show presented diverse groundbreaking and forward-thinking products that could transform the broadcasting and electronic media industries. From cutting-edge LED lighting panels to high-performance cameras, these tools offer an array of capabilities and functionalities that can elevate the work of  those in the TV and film indutry. As we eagerly anticipate the next NAB Show, it's thrilling to anticipate the new products and technologies that will be unveiled and how they will influence the industry's future direction.

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