Highlights From the 2022 LDI Show

By Jay Agamao
one year ago
 Highlights From the 2022 LDI Show

"It feels good to be back" was the talk throughout the 2022 LDI Show. Let's take a look at highlights from this year's event.


Chauvet Professional showcased all their IP-65-rated light fixtures and LED video panels. Their booth featured a unique outdoor woods/jungle feel. The new Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash was a prominent fixture on the booth's rig. The Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash features a 12-zone pixel-mappable RGB LED outer ring under a stealth filter for added effect possibilities. With nearly 10,000 lumens of output, this light is bright enough for any size or type of live event.


ROBE Lighting showcased its IP-65 fixtures as well. Their live demo that ran hourly during the show featured a waterfall that was centered on the stage, surrounded by their moving lights. The all-new Robe iFORTE was part of the show and was getting drenched by the waterfall above. IP65-rated iFORTE combines great output and feature-rich effects in a fully protected package, capable of handling all the challenges of being outdoors.

The Zonda 9 FX was one of the main attractions at Ayrton's booth and their demo. It's a high-performance 40W LED fixture and is perfect for stage lighting. The demo highlighted the fixtures proprietary optical system consisting of a wide dial of 37 lenses in PMMA, 384 mm in diameter, combined with 37 glass light guides with an output surface made of an optical micro-structure.

Clay Paky
Clay Paky showed up with a handful of new moving light fixtures this year. One of the new movers was the Volero Wave. This new light includes eight separate heads at your disposal, each independently capable of moving on a 220° TILT and giving rise to three-dimensional and volumetric projections that have never been seen before.

Clay Paky also displayed a new family of moving light fixtures called the Xtylos. The Mini Xtylos HPE, Xtylos Aqua, and Xtylos make up this unique family of laser-source moving lights.

Elation Professional
The Elation Professional booth was one of the more popular booths at the show. Speaking with Elation about the inspiration for their booth, they went for a more intimate route. Elation aimed to create a hands-on environment so attendees could interact with all their equipment.

Mod Scenes had a booth set up with their new light fixture, the DMX Hoist and some backdrops. These hoists allow for a large range of variable speed movement to serve your most detailed design concept. Luminaries can be provided as either tubes or orbs.

Portman Lights had a fantastic display. Portman showcased most of their fixtures, but the one that was their main display was the S-Tribe lights. These strip lights are perfect for concerts, theatre, or even a backdrop design possibility is endless.

That about wraps up the 2022 LDI Show. Check out our 2022 LDI Show recap video to see even more: LDI 2022 Recap



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