WATCH: 4Wall Sunday Roundtable and Thursday Discussions: Tales From the Road

By Drew Quinones
Aug 2, 2020, updated Mar 23, 2022
 WATCH: 4Wall Sunday Roundtable and Thursday Discussions: Tales From the Road

During the current state of the entire industry, we created 2 industry-related shows, the 4Wall Sunday Roundtable and Thursday Discussions: Tales From the Road. Each episode brings an array of different folks together to talk about a variety of topics. From how they got started in the industry to what they have been doing during this down-time, each discussion provides great insight from a diverse group of people in the industry.

4Wall Sunday Roundtable

The 4Wall Sunday Roundtable is a live discussion hosted by 4Wall's Drew Quinones and Tony Award-Winning LD, Jeff Croiter. The guests have included: Bob Barnhart, Ken Billington, Al Crawford, Anne Militello, and more. The discussions are easy-going, and we talk about the state of the industry, what each person has been doing during this down-time, and some current events and how they relate to our industry. (ALL EPISODES ARE BELOW)

Episode 1

  • 11-time Emmy Award winner Bob Barnhart 
  • Tony Award winner Ken Billington 
  • Knight of Illumination Award Winner Al Crawford
  • Lighting Designer/Director Emmanuelle Gigi Pedron

Episode 2

Episode 2 features some of the top design educators in the country.

  • Jane Cox (Princeton University)
  • Anne Militello (CalArts)
  • Brian Macdevitt (University of Maryland)
  • Clifton Taylor (University of North Carolina School of the Arts)

Episode 3

Episode 3 invites entertainment industry publishers, editors, and writers for an in-depth discussion about the news we receive and how we receive it in this increasingly difficult time.

  • Robert Diamond (
  • Nook Schoenfeld (PLSN)
  • Ellen Lampert-Greaux (Live Design)
  • Michael Eddy (Stage Directions 

Episode 4

Episode 4 invites a panel with over 100 years of combined experience in the event, corporate, and live tv industries.

  • Ken Farley (Illumination Production Services Inc.)
  • Paul Fine (Fine Design Associates, Inc.)
  • Otis Howard (Otis Howard Lighting Design)
  • Bill Kadra (Available Light)

Episode 5

  • Zak Al-Alami - Lighting Director (Jazz at Lincoln Center, Arc3design)
  • Sean Beach - Lighting Designer & Programmer
  • Cory Fitzgerald - Lighting & Production Designer (Silent House Productions)
  • Kelley Shih - Lighting Designer & Programmer

Episode 6

  • Allan Nathan - Lighting Designer
  • Ken Posner - Tony Award Winning Lighting Designer
  • Lisa Passamonte Green - Visual Terrain CEO, Lighting Designer
  • Sherrice Mojgani - Lighting Designer

Episode 7

  • Chuan-Chi Chan - Lighting Designer
  • Itohan Edoloyi - Lighting Designer
  • Brandon Stirling Baker - Lighting Designer

Episode 8

  • Vada Briceño - Lighting Designer
  • Alan Edwards - Lighting Designer
  • Jason Marin - Lighting Designer
  • Cory Pattak - Lighting Designer

Episode 9

Episode 9 of the 4Wall Sunday Roundtable features projection & motion graphic designers! 

  • Bob Bonniol - Principal, MODE Architectural 
  • Elaine McCarthy - Projection Designer
  • Rasean Davonte Johnson - Projection Designer & Video Artist
  • Olivia Sebesky - Projection & Motion Graphics Designer

Episode 10

Thursday Discussions: Tales From the Road

The Thursday Discussions: Tales From the Road Series brings an array of different folks together to talk about a variety of topics. We've had on everything from LD's to the entire 1984 Purple Rain Tour lighting crew. The discussions have provided some escape from the unfortunate realities our friends, family, and colleagues are facing.

Episode 1

This episode we'll hear some 'Tales from the Road' from current 4Wall team members and their roadie friends.

  • Larry Mikalishen, 4Wall LV/LA GM
  • Tommy Green, 4Wall National Assets Manger
  • Jonny "Tosar" Tosarello, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Lighting Director/Designer

Episode 2

Join the discussion with the entire lighting crew from the 1984 Purple Rain Tour, 4Wall VP of Business Development Jeff Mateer (Purple Rain Crew Member), and 4Wall VP of Client Services Stephen Llorens!

We expect some wild and fun stories from this group, who haven't been together in one place for decades.

Episode 3

Today's guests are 4Wall Detroit VP of Client Services Stephen Llorens and 4Wall LA VP of Client Services Tracy Royan! 

Episode 4

We go live with Mickey and Tommy Berra! 4Wall's Scott Church and Mark Conners join the discussion as well.

Episode 5

The Swingin Johnsons took over the 4Wall Thursday Discussions: Tales From the Road with a special performance! After the song, the band stuck around to talk about their origins and history of playing at the 4Wall parties.

Episode 6

This episode of the Thursday Discussions we are joined by 4Wall Account Manager / Production Manager Dallas Gaspar & Insomniac Events Production & Stage Manager Braedy Benjamins!

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