Lumens & Laughs: A Q&A With Social Media Page LimeLight Wired

By Drew Quinones
Feb 27, 2020, updated Mar 2, 2020
 Lumens & Laughs: A Q&A With Social Media Page LimeLight Wired

Let's face it, memes and animated GIFs are a form of day to day communication nowadays. I literally just sent my boss a Michelle Tanner "You got it dude" GIF while writing this article. It was only a matter of time until somebody started generating an endless amount of memes and content geared towards the lighting and entertainment industry in a totally different way than your run of the mill press releases in the industry magazines.

I first saw a LimeLight Wired meme in the Everything Stage Lighting Facebook group and I was immediately intrigued. 

Then, after we posted our 'Banana Taped to a Wall' post on 4Wall's Instagram, and ProTapes posted there's a day later, LimeLight started a challenge with a simple question - Who did it best? This gained a lot of traction on social media and that's when I knew, they were on to something. So I sat down with the creators of LimeLight Wired and asked them some questions.

When did you start LimeLight Wired? Why did you start it?
LimeLight Wired began last summer, and the growth has been incredible over the past months! A few colleagues and I agreed that daily tidbits and updates, much like you would get from ESPN or CNN, would be an excellent way to stay sharp about what goes on in our industry. Combining that with the relatability of internet humor has created a positive online community for designers, programmers, and technicians at any point in their career.
What's the most popular meme that you created? How many memes do you have on deck?
HAHA! Any meme about haze is so relatable to everyone in the field. Our post with the most interaction would be the classic "Arthur the Aardvark" clinched fist about being told "no haze." We have made over 1000 memes at this point. It's a fun exercise, and we all truly encounter the same problems - which helps us connect with everyone in the field on a really relatable level. Of course, what we post is (hopefully) the cream of the crop. You can submit your own meme to us at

 You also provide information about the industry. Who do you have in mind when you put this information together?
The idea is the same sort of person who can relate to the jokes could also gain a nugget of knowledge from the content we are making. Whether the topic is a review or brand new information, staying fresh is important going gig to gig. 

Where do you see LimeLight Wired in 2021?
We hope to continue to create relatable, insightful content that builds a community for designers, programmers, and technicians alike. Designers and manufacturers have used social media to develop their brands and share their work for several years now. LimeLight Wired hopes to evolve into a platform that helps everyone extend their reach while staying connected. 

What value do you think social media has to offer compared to a traditional magazine ad or article?
The advantage of social media is how you can engage with an audience. If there is a particular topic that someone is interested in, they can message us, and we listen! Social media also gives us the ability to deliver content immediately as it is happening. We can be at a show, inside a FOH, watching a load in, or even witnessing a production meeting.
How fast has LLW grown in the past 3 months?
We hit 3000 followers last November and are approaching 5000 right now! You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @LimeLightWired, or subscribe to our newsletter at

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