Top 10 Items Sold in 2019 by

By Luke Lytle
Jan 5, 2020, updated Mar 2, 2020
 Top 10 Items Sold in 2019 by

2019 where did you go? The whole decade for that matter.

One of the parts of my job I get most excited for at 4Wall & UsedLighting is combing through really long spreadsheets of data, especially when it's a years' worth of data! I realize this may not excite many of you as much as me.. Now that 2019 is dead, gone and almost forgotten it was time to pull a list of everything we sold in 2019.

Now let's dive into the data! There are a couple of ways we could approach and interpret this list. The first would be to simply sort it by the total quantity of what we sold. Doing it that way shows you that we sold a TON of truss bolts, safety cables, c-clamps, powercon cables and other low-dollar items. That's a pretty boring list. The other way would be to sort by the total price of the items sold. Doing it that way gives a lot more weight to higher dollar items like grandMA consoles and large moving lights, but that doesn't really show the whole picture either.

For this list, I create a weighted system that takes both quantity and price into account. This way you can see some current trends of the most popular items in the entertainment equipment world.

You may ask, why would we even pull lists like this besides the fact that data is very exciting and interesting? Well, since most of the gear that's sold on is part of 4Wall's rental inventory, it's important to know exactly what we sold, how many of each item, which locations it came from, etc. This is done monthly, quarterly & yearly to make sure we are replacing the sold equipment with new equipment, thus ensuring our rental inventory is still healthy and available for you to rent. Also.. data is really cool!

Without further ado, here's the list!

#10: Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash - Current Price: $795
The R1 Wash has been in demand for rentals and sales ever since we added them back in 2015. Their small size, ability to zoom, and quick speed, all at a good price point, make these attractive for our customers with small-medium size productions. These will most likely make the top 10 list for items sold in 2020.


#9: StageMaker 1 Ton & ½ Ton Hoists - Current Price: $2,095 & $,1795
Like Tomcat Truss, Stagemaker hoists are solid & reliable. CM hoists would also have been high on the list, but there weren't as many available to sell in 2019 vs. the Stagemaker hoists.


#8: Epson Pro 12K Laser Projector
It was both surprising and exciting to see a projector on this list! Something about our name gives people the sense that we only sell lighting (RIP sister-site, so it was great to see a projector break the top 10. The 12K must have the right amount of power & brightness at the right price point, since it beat out the 7K, 8K & 15K versions.


#7: Tomcat Truss 12"x12" 10' Silver
What is there to say about Tomcat Truss? It's solid, reliable, shiny and has been a staple of 4Wall for longer than I have been with the company (11+ years). 12" black truss also sold well but not enough to crack the top 10. 20"x20" truss was also popular but not as much as 12".


#6: Chauvet Colorado 1 Solo - Current Price: $425
The Solo 1 is popular due to its IP65 (outdoor/wet) rating, color temperature presets, zoom & RGBW LEDs in one color source. Also, the fact that they fit in 12" truss makes them that more attractive. Orders for this fixture were usually for 8+ units at a time and went as far as Saudi Arabia. I predict the Solo 2 will break the top 10 list in 2020!


#5: ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr - Current Price: $1,795
The continued success of the traditional Source 4 has done little to damper the success of it's younger, slightly more attractive & versatile younger brother, the Lustr. In addition to the tungsten & Lustr Source 4, the ETC ColorSource Spot Blue & Daylight versions also sold well but couldn't crack the top 10.


#4: Martin MAC Viper (Profile & Performance) - Current Price: $3,995 for both
I combined these two since having them on the same list would be redundant and adding their totals together only bumped them up 1. These have been workhorses for our rental inventory and have sold well every year. Their durability and reliability combined with their brightness and feature set make them an attractive buy for many people.


#3: Chroma-Q Color Force II 72" - Current Price: $2,995

When the first version of the Color Force came out 10 years ago, we were so impressed with it that we invested in hundreds of them on the spot. The addition of the homogenized lens and added brightness of version 2 only added to our infatuation with this useful wash fixture. Apparently, we aren't the only ones who love the Color Force fixtures.


#2: Martin MAC Aura XB - Current Price: $2,495

Ah, the Aura with its beautiful eye-candy look. Such a great fixture produced by Martin. Since it's release in 2011, the Aura has also been a staple in productions and on venues of all sizes. Ever since we sold off all our non-XB Aura's in 2018 to standardize our rental inventory, the Aura XB has filled the void to be the top-selling moving light of 2019.


#1: ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal (All Lens Tube Types) - Current Price: $289

The Source 4 continues to be a staple of almost every production, large and small! With thousands sold in 2019, the Source 4 gets the top trophy! The good thing for all of you is that we sold and replaced over half of our rental inventory, so if you rent or buy them from us, you're getting a fixture that is almost like new.


Honorable Mentions:

  • MA Lighting grandMA 2 Full & Light Console - We had them as sold out a lot of the year due to rental demand and uncertainty on the MA3. They would have broken the top 10 if those issues weren't the case.

  • Arri Skypanel LED S60-C (this one would definitely break the top 10 if we had more to sell as it has sold out quickly every time they are available)





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