Live Design Announces 2017-18 Lighting Products Of The Year

By Drew Quinones
Jul 30, 2018, updated Aug 28, 2018
 Live Design Announces 2017-18 Lighting Products Of The Year

Live Design has named its 2017-18 Lighting Products of the Year, chosen by panels of prestigious lighting designers and programmers.

The 'Lighting' category this year is broken up into four categories:

  • Luminaire (Discharge Source)
  • Luminaire (LED Source)
  • Effect
  • Accessory

4Wall has three of the award-winning fixtures in its inventory.

And the winners are...

Robe MegaPointe - Luminaire of the Year (Discharge Source)

The Robe MegaPointe offers bright sharp parallel beams, gobo projection, precise movement, smooth CMY color mixing and dimming plus a multitude of beam splitting, wash and shaping effects. The newly designed effects engine can produce 12 varying beam and 'flower' effects. The beam can also be shaped using innovative shutter emulation, further creating a whole new blend of content & creativity. Check out the demo video we made last year below.

High End Systems SolaFrame 750 - Luminaire of the Year (LED Source)

The High End Systems SolaFrame 750 LED fixture is a perfect fit for smaller to medium-sized venues, and its 11,300 lumens can create some great looks for lighting designers. The SolaFrame 750 features include: 6 - 50-degree zoom, fixed and indexing gobo wheels, animation effects, and full-frame, four-plane shutters engineered for accuracy and speed.  The demo video we created earlier this year is below.

GLP JDC1 - Effect of the Year

The JDC1 contains a traditional single tube element with a clear, bright white output and combines that with a surrounding full face of RGB LED power, utilizing 1,440 high-quality LEDs. These two elements have independent control and can be used as separate pieces, or combined to make other effects. The JDC1 also features dynamic movement with a 16 bit, 190° tilt range. 

Lumu Power Light Meter - Accessory of the Year

Lumu Power transforms your iOS device into a professional light meter. Measure Color Temperature, Illuminance, Spot, Ambient and Flash Exposure. This device attaches to iOS devices running iOS 8.0 and up through the Lightning port. It has two sides: The dome side measures ambient and flash exposure up to 750,000 times per second with a range of -4 to 20 EV, and the flat side measures illuminance, color temperature, and chromaticity using a True Color sensor based on the CIE 1931/DIN 5033 color standard. Illuminance can be measured in a range of 0.15-250,000 lux and color temperature from 1500-20,000K. The Chromaticity Mode displays coordinates in the CIE 1931 color space.

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