Lighting 101 Video Series - Part 1: Basic Lighting System

By Drew Quinones
Aug 6, 2017, updated Aug 14, 2017
 Lighting 101 Video Series - Part 1: Basic Lighting System

As the Content Manager at 4Wall, I'm constantly asked for various video content to help with presentations, training videos or to explain a certain concept.  One such request came through the General Manager of 4Wall Las Vegas, Larry Mikalishen. Through the years Larry has been asked to present the basics of stage lighting to those not familiar with the industry.  Since Larry has been in the industry for longer than I've been living (he approved this statement), he's seen the industry progress over the past few decades and was the perfect person to make such a presentation.

With 4Wall's recent purchase of Wagner Media, a video equipment company, there was an immediate need to mass produce Larry's physical presentation in video format.  This would allow 4Wall to present the "Basics of Lighting" presentation to all the new video employees without Larry having to rack up his frequent flyer miles.  So, we went to work producing a series of videos explaining fundamental stage lighting principles. Larry's daughter Skyler, who is our summer intern, was the talented artist behind the animations.

We realize there's plenty of articles, books, and brains to pick on the subject, but our goal was to make a video series that was not only fun to watch, but informational as well.  We feel this 5-part video animation series is beneficial for all our current and new employees to watch as part of their training. We will be posting 1 video a week here in the Lighting Lounge. This can also be a great way to introduce somebody to the lighting industry and make them appreciate the work that goes into lighting a concert, play, or any other show that involves lighting.

We are aware that there are numerous ways to explain the concepts mentioned in the videos. This was our way to make things easier to understand. We feel these animations make it easier to remember some of the concepts explained in the videos. Whether you are a lighting expert or a beginner, we hope you enjoy the videos as much as we do. Thanks for watching!


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