Subtle Changes Made to

By Drew Quinones
Jun 13, 2017, updated Aug 14, 2017
 Subtle Changes Made to

This month made subtle changes to the site that enhance the browsing & buying experience. This write-up includes details on those changes and is also a great way to get familiar with for those who have never shopped with us before. We hope the recent improvements to the site make your shopping experience with us better than ever!


BTW, these Martin MAC Auras sell like hotcakes!

If you have browsed our website within the past couple of days you probably noticed the "UL Owned" icon next to some of the gear. Items marked as such have been professionally maintained in one of 4Wall's nationwide locations. These items are constantly tested, cleaned, and updated to ensure the best performance on productions across the country. If you've ever rented gear from 4Wall, you are aware of the high standard their gear is held to. This allows our customers to upgrade their lighting equipment with quality gear at a discounted price and with a full warranty.


We carry items from our global community of site members. We broker quality items from production houses, churches, theatres and more. These items are listed as 'Sold by: Site Member'. Purchasing a brokered item is a great way to save, and we guarantee your purchase with a 48-hour inspection window.

You can also sell your used gear on our site and use your earnings towards upgraded gear. We try to make sure all listings get approved in 2-5 business days. Why the long wait? We go through each listing carefully adding any info we can find from the original manufacturer, as well as cleaning up any spelling mistakes (we've got your back non-English majors!) We do this to make sure your item is presented in the best light to any potential buyers. When we post your listing, we will add a small 10-20% commission to your asking price. If your item doesn't sell, you pay NOTHING!


Our Used Lighting Facebook Store gives you access to all of our "UL Owned" inventory of moving lights, consoles, LEDs, lekos, pars, dimmers, hoists, fog/haze, TV/film lighting, EFX, followspots and more in one convenient location. You can click on any of the products in our shop to get more information or post a question about an item in the comment section. We usually respond to Facebook messages and comments within 24 hours.

Now you have a better understanding of, and we hope you enjoy the recent updates. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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