New Year, New Contest! (Winners Announced)

By Drew Quinones
Jan 4, 2017, updated Jan 10, 2017
 New Year, New Contest! (Winners Announced)


Thanks to everybody who submitted their answers! The correct number of sticks of truss is...85! (SEE PHOTO ABOVE)

1st Place: Drake Kelch - 86 sticks of truss

2nd Place: Wyatt Mailloux - 83 sticks of truss

3rd Place Tie: Piix Media and Jacob Throwbridge - 82 sticks of truss


To kickstart the New Year, we are going to do our first photo contest of 2017!

Examine the photos above and below and come up with the correct number of sticks of truss stacked on top of each other.

Comment below or e-mail your answer to [email protected]. (One submission each)

Contest ends Monday January 9 at 4pm PST.

Here are the prizes:

1st Place) $50 Amazon Gift Card, 4Wall gloves, and a UsedLighting t-shirt

2nd Place) 4Wall gloves and a UsedLighting t-shirt

3rd Place) UsedLighting t-shirt

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