Chroma-Q Color Force II Added to 4Wall’s Inventory

By Drew Quinones
8 years ago
 Chroma-Q Color Force II Added to 4Wall’s Inventory

When Chroma-Q unveiled the Color Force II earlier this year, 4Wall Entertainment was the first company to offer the latest lighting technology to their customers to rent. The first generation Color Force has been a very popular fixture the last six years and is regularly added to most lighting designer’s gear lists.

The Color Force II is being called a “game changer’ in the lighting world, and for good reason. At PLASA 2016, the product received a special commendation at the show’s Awards for Innovation – with the judges praising the fixtures’ notable evolution from the original Color Force range.

So how is the Color Force II different from its predecessor you ask? Well, the Color Force II utilizes the latest fully homogenized optics to deliver a superior single color blend with no unsightly color mixing shadows, higher quality saturates and pastels, a purer white, and at least 50% more output. Check out the video below for 4Wall’s demo which highlights all the features we mentioned.  


Pixel mapping control is also another great feature. The Color Force II has twice the resolution/granularity as the original Color Force I. The homogenized lens of the Color Force II shows the true color of the Pixel Mapped image vs a combination of colored LEDs mixing a color.

The Color Force II is perfect for a wide range of cyclorama, flood, and wall washing applications where a powerful throw is needed. The fixtures work excellent in any theatre, TV, concert tour, exhibitions, or corporate event. It was also built with a touchscreen interface.

Check out some photos of the fixture below. For more specs and to request a rental quote, visit or

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