Philips/Strand 500ML Console Overview

By Joti Dhillon
Nov 9, 2015, updated May 5, 2016
 Philips/Strand 500ML Console Overview
                                                                               Philips/Strand 500ML Console Review

At LDI 2015, Philips Strand Lighting announced they will be introducing new lighting and control products to the entertainment lighting industry. Of the many launches one of the main highlights was the 500ML Lighting Control Console.  With its ability to give lighting designers and technicians an intelligent way to create and play back exceptional lighting designs, the 500ML is now available through the Philips Strand Lighting Dealer and Factory Representative network throughout North and South America.

Designed to easily control LEDs and moving lights, the Strand Lighting 500ML console has an 8-inch TFT color touchscreen.  This allows for quick setup with backlit buttons that are easy to use. The console also has one external DVI port to add an additional monitor for even more control. In addition, the 500ML console has 24 faders, which can be used as a Master, Submaster, or Playback. Equipped with backlit Play, Pause/Reverse, and Bump buttons the console allows cue stacks to be triggered as required for busking operation, and the user interface is quick to understand for both the professional or casual lighting programmer alike. With a robust construction, the 500ML console provides a smart way to create and play back great lighting for all your important lighting events.


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