Omez Lighting Sale: LED Pars, Moving Lights & More

By Luke Lytle
9 years ago
 Omez Lighting Sale: LED Pars, Moving Lights & More is having a sale on slightly used demo gear from Omez Lighting!  Included in the sale is the TitanPar Tri 20 for $199, the TitanBeam 2R for $550 and much more.  All Omez products come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and excellent customer support.

Browse some of the products below or click here to see all Omez products.

Omez Lighting at LDI 2015

Omez Lighting is based out of El Monte, California and exhibited at LDI 2014 & 2015.  

Click on each video below for a short demo of each fixture



TitanBeam 2R - Was $695 - Sale $550 TitanWash Matrix 2 - Was $550 - Sale $475
TitanWash Matrix5 - Was $1,095 - Sale $895 TitanWash Matrix 4 - Was $995 - Sale $895


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