In Stock Review: The GaffGun

By Luke Lytle
Sep 8, 2015, updated May 5, 2016
 In Stock Review: The GaffGun

Have you ever thought to yourself that there simply must be an easier way to get cables taped down on the ground?  The guys from GaffGun apparently had the same thought!  The GaffGun uses a funneling system to easily straighten and center your cables as it lays tape over them.  For those of you who've had to do this manually, it's not hard to imagine how much time this can save.  We purchased a demo unit to test it out ourselves and see if the GaffGun lives up to the hype. 

The GaffGun comes in a sleek, black box that has a slot for the gun as well as it's included attachments.  The Gun comes with three separate attachments for 1", 2" & 3" tape, a floor guide for applications not involving cables and a long extension handle.  The tape was easy to install to the Gun and the long extension handle was a good height for a normal, sub 7' tall person.  (If you're over 7' tall and in the lighting industry, drop a line and let us know...because you may in fact also be a unicorn, and we would love to meet you.)

The Gun was simple to push and easily straightened the cables.  The tape was firmly attached to the floor after applying it, and the channeled GT Pro gaff tape included with the gun left our cables nice and clean upon removal.

All in all, we found the GaffGunit did everything it claimed to!  It will definitely save you time, as well as stress on your back and knees.  


GT Pro Tape was created specifically for the GaffGun and has a small hole, which allowes it to attach seamlessly to the Gun.  As far as we could tell, there was little difference in the quality and texture of this tape versus standard Gaff Tape.  You can use Gaff Tape with the purchase of special attachments.  The attachments cost $18, and that includes an adapter for 1", 2" and 3" Gaff Tape.

The GaffGun Bundle costs $269.  For those who have to tape a lot of cables to the floor, it will be worth the investment!  

You can purchase the GaffGun here.

             The GaffGun Bundle includes a long extension handle, (3) Cable Guides and (1) Floor Guide.


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