Identify the Picture & Win a StageJunk Tool!

By Luke Lytle
Sep 1, 2015, updated Sep 4, 2015
 Identify the Picture & Win a StageJunk Tool!


The correct answer was an ETC Source Four LED Lustr 2!

Grand prize winner: Shane H. Fisher 

Additional winners: Harrison Haug and Cameron Walkup

Please send an email to [email protected] with your address and shirt size.

Thanks to everyone for participating!


It's time for a contest!  This time we will be giving away a StageJunk Ultimate Ratcheting Focus Tool as the grand prize!  To enter the contest, comment on our recent Facebook Post that says "Contest time" with the name of the item in the first picture below.

Grand Prize Winner - StageJunk Ultimate Ratcheting Focus Tool & T-shirt
(1) Winner will be randomly chosen from anyone who correctly identifies the item in the picture below.

Additional Winners - T-shirt, Flash Drive & Laser Pointer
(2) Winners will be randomly chosen from anyone who enters the contest by commenting on our "Contest" Facebook Post.

The contest will end Friday, September 4th at 4pm PST, and the winners will be revealed on this post, as well as our Facebook Post.

The StageJunk Ultimate Ratcheting Focus Tool has been designed to fit the 3 main bolts on a standard C-clamp as well as most wingnuts, road case handles and screws.  It also has two sockets which fit the nut for most lamp bars and the 1/2 bolt on the yoke of most leko fixtures.  Best of all the tool has a continuity checker that can test Edison, Stage Pin, Twist, lamps, fuses and more!


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