Moving Light Creates Pyro Effect

By Wes Bailey
Aug 18, 2015, updated May 5, 2016
 Moving Light Creates Pyro Effect

If you've been waiting for an LED moving light that can create a pyrotechnic effect, the wait is over!

The recently released Maniac from CITC looks like something that would have fit right in with our coverage of April Fool's day around the industry.  But this newly released fixture is not a's a fully functioning LED moving light with a nozzle in the middle to deliver outbursts of fog!

Featuring 10 8W LEDs and the ability to sit right side up or hang upside down, the fixture uses SmartFog to deliver a Co2 effect.  The 1.3L fluid tank can deliver 10 minutes of fog at 100% output, leaving you plenty of time to deliver memorable 'pyrotechnics' in every show its used on.

To top it off, CITC throws in a wireless remote for the fog and 10 channels of DMX on the fixture.

Here are some more features of the fixture, and be sure to check out the official video from CITC up above showing the Maniac in action.  Ready to add it to your next production? has it available here.


  • Fog / Beam / Fog and LED Beam / Fog & White Beam
  • Moving Head Degrees: X=540 Y=270
  • Can be hung upside down or right-side up
  • Co2 effect using SmartFog
  • Auto-fill included
  • Adjustable output and speed
  • Instant stop technology
  • Strobe, dim, mix colors
  • Wireless remote for fog
  • Operate one or sequence several
  • DMX control board necessary for operation
  • Weight: 39 lbs (17.5 kg)
  • Size: 19 x 18 x 22
  • (48.5cm x 44cm x 55.5cm)
  • Fog Output: 20,000 ft/min
  • Preheat Time: about 5 minutes
  • DMX Channels: 10
  • LED Lamps: 8W RGBA x 10
  • Fluid Type: CITC 15 Second SmartFog
  • Fluid Capacity: 1.37 qt. (1.3L)
  • CE Approved
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