Win Swag & 10% OFF Two Items Of Your Choice!

By Luke Lytle
Jul 8, 2015, updated Jul 13, 2015
 Win Swag & 10% OFF Two Items Of Your Choice!
Koko Lee, John Berret and Adam Bronson are the winners!  Thanks for participating.  We will do another contest in August.
It's time for a contest!  
Go to and find two used or new items that you would be interested in purchasing this year.  Post the following in the comments here or on our latest Facebook post:
(1) The name of the items
(2) How much they cost on the site
(3) Why you're interested in those items
Three people who comment will randomly be chosen as the winners and can choose two swag items from this picture (listed below).
PLUS the winners will receive a 10% OFF coupon for the items they commented on!
The contest will end Monday (July 13) at 12:00 pm PDT.
Swag choices:
- Pen & Notebook
- T-shirt
- Tank Top
- Flash Drive
- Lanyard
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