Contest Time!

By Luke Lytle
Feb 6, 2015, updated May 5, 2016
 Contest Time!


The correct answer was 1. Solaris LED Flare; 2. MAC Quantum Profile; 3. Clay Paky Mythos; 4. Color One LED Par! Joshua Modrell and Tony Patti are the "Additional Winners". Please email your shirt size and address to [email protected]. Thanks to everyone for participating!

It's contest time!

There are four pictures below of different lighting fixtures.  Identify as many items as you can of the 4 pictures.  Enter the contest by commenting on this article or on our Facebook Contest Post.  Make sure you match your answer to the number of each picture.  The winners will be revealed on Monday at noon PDT on here and our Facebook Page.

Grand Prize Winner (Everything in the picture below)
(1) Winner will randomly be chosen from anyone who correctly identifies all 4 items.

Additional Winners (T-Shirt & Flash Drive)

(1) Winner will randomly be chosen from anyone who correctly identifies 3 out of 4 items.
(1) Winner will be randomly chosen from anyone who participates in this contest by commenting, liking, or sharing this or our Facebook post.







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