Chauvet's Church Lighting Roundtable

By Wes Bailey
Jan 30, 2015, updated May 5, 2016
 Chauvet's Church Lighting Roundtable



We know many of you who browse and purchase gear here on the site spend at least part of your time working with (or for) houses of worship (those .org email addresses don't lie!).

All jokes aside, worship arts are a huge part of the lighting industry, and the folks at Chauvet Professional know that as well as anyone.  That's why they gathered together a few well-respected professionals with a ton of experience in lighting for worship, and sat them down for a roundtable discussion on a variety of topics. 

Moderating the panel is the always awesome Jim Hutchison from Chauvet, and he's joined by Daniel Connell, LD for Church on the Move (look up a few of his rigs, amazing stuff), as well as CCI Solutions Duke DeJong, and Steven Ellison from Stark Raving Solutions.

Whether you're a volunteer working on a small holiday service, or a paid pro broadcasting a message to multiple locations, chances are you'll find something of use in this video.  Watch, listen, and enjoy!

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