Clay Paky Announces Show Batten 100

By Wes Bailey
Jan 26, 2015, updated Mar 16, 2015
 Clay Paky Announces Show Batten 100



Clay Paky recently announced a new entry into the wall-washing batten category...but this one does a little bit more than just sitting on the ground!

The Show-Batten 100 is actually a "moving-bar" featuring 240 degrees of angle rotation on the tilt.  It also offers individual RGBW led control of the ten 15W Osram LEDs that run the length of the fixture.  At 40" long, it's smaller than many entries in the LED batten category, but it seems to make up for its size with a litany of features.

We can certainly think of a few applications where having a powerful wash light with a little bit of movement would come in handy.  What do you think?

You can view more of the specs below, or visit the official product page from Clay Paky here


  • Light source: 10 X 15W Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs
  • Distance between LEDs: 100 mm (4”)
  • “STANDARD” VERSION: - Optical unit with motorized zoom: minimum 10° x 23°, maximum 43° x 48° (at 50%); minimum 23° x 35°, maximum 66° x 76° (at 10%); - High brightness: 3340 lumens
  • “AS” VERSION: - Asymmetrical optical unit with special motorized zoom for illuminating backdrops: minimum 8° x 25°, maximum 9° x 45° (at 50%); minimum 18° x 37°, maximum 21° x 74° (at 10%); - High brightness: 5210 lumens
  • Independent RGBW color control for each individual LED
  • Effects: dimmer (16 bit), 24 Hz strobe, color macros and effect macros
  • High speed motorized tilt: 240°
  • Internal Ethernet switch for IN/OUT daisy-chain connection to make it easy to connect bars up for pixel control in a matrix arrangement
  • The length and width of the bar allow it to be assembled in horizontal and vertical matrices with a fixed distance between LEDs (100mm/4”)
  • Sockets within the dimensions of the bar to prevent accidental contact with adjacent trusses or bars in matrix arrangements



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