Demo of the Chauvet Next NXT-1 Pixel-Mapping Moving Light

By Luke Lytle
10 years ago
 Demo of the Chauvet Next NXT-1 Pixel-Mapping Moving Light

What happens when Chauvet takes their popular Nexus fixture and makes it into a moving light?

Anthony Chiappone, Product Manager for Chauvet Professional had the following to say about the NXT-1,

“If you’re looking for a pixel-mapping panel that will add eye candy and really make your tour or production stand out, the Next NXT-1 is your hands-down solution.  It’s a very high-impact visual effect with 25 10-watt RGBW LEDs that produce brilliant multi-color graphics, and an intense  narrow beam angle that was designed for long throws in concert-type settings.  As a moving head panel, its breakneck pan/tilt speed can keep pace with all your other moving yoke fixtures." 
“Plus, not only can you use Art-Net and Kling-Net to make incredible pixel designs, but the virtual-gobo wheel feature allows you to access both static and kinetic patterns, and index them just like regular gobos in a moving head.  This makes it incredibly easy to build really dynamic shows on-the-fly.  It’s innovative features like this that really set the Next NXT-1 apart.”

The fixture comes with industry standard Neutrik, powerCON, and etherCON connectors for power and data.  It can be contolled with either lighting consoles or media servers.

You can view full specs and purchase the NXT-1 here.

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