Demo of New Vapour Series Fog & Haze Machines from Rosco

By Luke Lytle
10 years ago
 Demo of New Vapour Series Fog & Haze Machines from Rosco

Rosco's new series of fog and haze machines has arrived!  We were able to get a hands on demo of three out of the four machines; Mini-V, V-Hazer, and Vapour.  Unfortunately the Vapour Plus was not able to make it.

Here is a quick recap of each machine:


This fog machine is very compact and is designed to be energy efficient.  It is especially made for mobile applications where there is not enough space for a larger machine.  The heat up time was very quick, and the simplicity of the fogger is perfect for beginners.  The Mini-V goes for $500, and you can purchase that and see more info on it here.


The Vapour is the workhorse of the Vapour series of foggers.  It operates at 1200 watts and has an output of 3.6 Liters per hour.  It can be controlled via a detachable timed remote for local control of output & operation, and also via integrated DMX interface allowing programming of fog effects via a console.  It comes in at $999, and you can see all of the specs and purchase it here.

Vapour Plus

The Vapour Plus is for larger venues and also for outdoor use.  It produces 7.2 Liters per hour and runs at 1500 watts.  It is small enough to be mounted inside box truss and you can power it from a single mains circuit.  It has the same control options as the Vapour.  It is only $200 more than the Vapour coming in at $1199.  You can see more info and purchase it here.


The V-Hazer is extremely quiet.  It uses internal baffles to maximize the airflow giving it a greater output and dispersion of fog particles.  This helps ensure the haze spreads consistently and smoothly throughout your space.  It outputs 0.9 Liters per hour and runs at 900 watts.  It is the most expensive of the series at $1,399, which you can purchase here.

Here are some pictures of the demo, which took place at 4Wall Las Vegas.

If you want to see them in action, Rosco put together this video of each machine in action!

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