Sell Your Used Stage Lighting Gear For Free

By Luke Lytle
Jul 21, 2014, updated Apr 15, 2019
 Sell Your Used Stage Lighting Gear For Free

STUPID QUESTION; Do you want more money? (yes I used comic sans... I'm looking at you Dan Gilbert! (google it))

I had to throw that question in there, because we all need a good reminder that we could all use a little extra cash...and some of us have used stage lighting gear we no longer need.

Well, I get a lot of inquiries on how to sell lighting equipment on Instead of getting in trouble with my wonderful boss for spending hours on the phone explaining how to sell gear on the site, I decided to write an EXTREMELEY (you've been warned) long winded article on how to do it.

So here it is:

First you need to register on the site.  This lets us know who you are and how to find you (and we will find you!). This is also how we know who to pay when the gear sells.

Next, you need to take good photos of your equipment!  Why you ask?  Because we will reject bad ones!  OK but seriously, try to take the highest quality of pictures you can.  The gear is much more likely to sell if the buyer can see exactly what they are getting.  Manufacturer photos are never allowed.

Finally, go into your account, click on the "Sell an Item" tab, and fill out the form.  Unlike other sites, we only ask a few necessary questions about your gear.  We won't pester you for your social security number, medical history, or favorite type of animal.  We try to keep it simple!  Be as specific as possible as to the condition of your equipment and be sure to list exactly what is included with your item such as clamps, safety cables, etc.  Upload your pictures, put in the price you want to get, and we'll take care of the rest.  We'll even fix your spelling! (Asuming we can figur out what you ment of cource)

Once you click on the "List My Item!" button, a specialist from will review your item.  Your asking price will then be marked up between 10-25% depending on the amount.  If there are any issues with the listing, the item will be rejected, and you will get an email from us letting you know why that happened.

Once everything looks good, the item is approved and becomes active on the site.  Please be patient!  It may take up to five business days to approve your item, but it will be worth the wait.  You will receive an email once the item is approved with a link to your item on  

Your item will be active for 3 months from when the item was approved.  Once those 3 months are about to end, you will receive an email notification asking you if you want to "Renew" your item.  Simply click on the "Renew" button and the item will be renewed for another 90 days.  This is a great time to check out how many views your item received (yep, we'll tell you) and consider possibly revising your price.

Keep in mind that if you make any changes to your listing at any time, such as changing the quantity or lowering the price, the item will have to be approved again.  

If this article didn't bore you out of your mind enough, or if you want to know what happens after your item sells, then you can read through our selling FAQ here (WARNING; my boss wrote the FAQs and he can sometimes be long winded and/or include legal jargon).

Thanks for reading and good luck selling your used gear!

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