Why Buy USED Stage Lighting Equipment?

By Luke Lytle
May 5, 2014, updated Nov 18, 2014
 Why Buy USED Stage Lighting Equipment?

Why should you buy used stage lighting equipment?  What are the benefits of buying used gear over new?  These and other questions were recently discussed in an article in Stage Directions Magazine.  The article lays out the benefits of buying used gear, pitfalls to avoid, and where to buy it.  It is an excellent article, and you can read it here.

The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the benefits of buying used lighting equipment from UsedLighting.com.  Instead of boring you with paragraphs and paragraphs of text, let�s just cut to some of the facts and highlights!


  • UsedLighting.com was established in 1999 as a way for parent company 4Wall Entertainment Lighting to sell and replace its rental inventory. 
  • 4Wall equipment can be identified on the website with the label �4Wall Owned�, and will be shipped out from one of five locations; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and Washington DC. 
  • All other equipment on the website will be labeled as �Brokered�, which means it comes from different people around the country.


  • All �4Wall Owned� equipment is cleaned, prepped, and tested by certified technicians before leaving the warehouse.
  • Our warranties are unparalleled in the entertainment lighting industry.  If something is not right with the equipment, we will make it right! You are covered!
  • We put a lot of effort into making sure each item has accurate pictures showing you the quality of gear you will receive.  We want you to get as much of a feel on what you are buying as we possibly can.
  • In an effort to give you the best representation of the equipment, many items have videos demoing the actual equipment being sold!
  • Each �Brokered� listing submitted by members looking to sell their gear is reviewed by one of our staff to ensure all the information you need to know is clear in the listing. We also require actual photos of the gear being sold by our members.

Now we know that we may be slightly biased about how great we are... so here are some unbiased reviews of UsedLighting.com by people who purchased gear from us.

Disclaimer: No reviewer was paid over, through, or under the table or was compensated by awesome swag in any way by us to write a positive review.

For those who are still not 100% convinced that used gear is the way to go, don't worry, you can purchase new gear from our sister site, NewLighting.com!

Disclaimer #2: NewLighting.com in fact paid a substantial amount to be included in this post.  However, it will in no way affect the prices of new stage lighting equipment on NewLighting.com.

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